Advisors and Mentors

HD3 is an ever-expanding network of some 800+ statewide/global investors, management experts and business achievers, experienced entrepreneurs, technical experts and mentors/advisors to the 20+ startups HD3 is currently growing throughout the country. The HD3 network is brought forward to positively impact and accelerate each HD3 portfolio company. Each year, HD3 selectively adds up to 5-6 new promising startups to its portfolio, and then drives their growth alongside their innovation team or entrepreneur. Since its founding, HD3 has been instrumental in raising over $100M in investment and operating capital for its startups.

In 2015, HD3 formed and launched its sister organization, the High Desert Angels, to fund early stage, seed and follow-on funding for both HD3 startups and more broadly, promising New Mexico startups. 

HD3 was founded in New Mexico, and is now scaling and growing beyond New Mexico.  Yet, our home state is fortunate to have a deep innovation base. It is also fortunate that the beauty, culture, history and uniqueness of the state attracts highly experienced business professionals who bring a career and lifetime full of achievement, knowledge, connections, and wisdom. Luckily for HD3, many of these individually contribute their time, energy, and desires toward the growth of HD3 startups. Former and current CEO’s of Fortune 500 companies, senior executives from major corporations, and experienced, serial entrepreneurs accustomed to the nature of commercialization comprise the bulk of the HD3 advisor group. As a group, they are one of New Mexico’s greatest assets.