A FEW OF OUR success stories!

Over the years, HD3 has assisted hundreds of innovators and entrepreneurs with their young companies, startups, concepts and discoveries — with the strategic advice, connections and improvements -- that only collective wisdom can deliver. For the few who become an HD3 portfolio company, they gain full access to the HD3 network and we work as partners to accelerate their opportunity to become a robust, high-growth enterprise.

Either through our signature Discovery Day events, by referral or spinoff, HD3 selectively adds up to 5-6 new promising startups each year to its portfolio, and then drives their growth alongside their innovation team or entrepreneur.

We partner with industry and trade groups, economic development groups, universities, laboratories and government agencies to identify and encourage promising innovators to bring forward their ideas and present them to HD3. Through a process of due diligence, getting to know the team, understanding the market and opportunity, learning what is needed and if/how we can be of assistance, HD3 may ultimately form an equity partnership and/or advisory services relationship with the company.

Many factors are involved in becoming an HD3 portfolio company.  But first and foremost, an exceptional market-based idea, innovation or product is required. Also high among our criterion when considering a startup relationship is to work alongside people who we enjoy, trust, who are coachable and team oriented. At HD3, we often say, it takes a village to grow a startup. Yet, we know and all HD3 founders know, traveling the journey with others who have done it before, dramatically increases the odds of success.

HD3 Portfolio

We are pleased and proud to showcase but a few of our most promising portfolio companies who are growing steadily and robustly.  Each is walking the extremely difficult path of high technology startup success - taking a great innovation to the marketplace, while navigating the endless hurdles all founders face when creating and building something from scratch.