Discovery Day

An introductory event focusing on innovation, commercialization and entrepreneurial opportunities throughout New Mexico and throughout the U.S.

What is it?

The purpose of the HD3 Discovery Day is to offer innovators and entrepreneurs the opportunity to vet and discuss their innovation or opportunity (‘discovery’), their challenges, strategy and market promise in front of a highly experienced group of business achievers and investors. This is a unique opportunity provided by the organization. HD3 advisors have extensive experience in matching technology opportunities with needs in the marketplace, product development, investment strategy, marketing and sales, management, valuations and exits.  In addition to their experience, each advisor also brings a wide international network of contacts and resources that are tapped to accelerate the most promising discoveries. 


Each presentation and discussion time is limited to 30 minutes, and all panel presentations are conducted in a private setting to allow the maximum of sensitive and proprietary business and technological information to be shared; and a fluidity of discussion, strategy and suggestions to occur.  All Discovery Day discussions remain confidential.

Since its founding in 2010, HD3 has hosted 17 Discovery Day events. We host this signature program with R/D, industry partners or economic development entities. Between 12-15 discoveries are typically selected to present based on the list of criteria developed by HD3.  The evening prior to Discovery Day, a social gathering for the selected presenters and HD3 advisors is hosted.


“You can think of this event (Discovery Day) as Shark Tank for the agricultural and food-related sectors, both of which are significant economic drivers for our state. We’re excited to see people of all backgrounds bring forward their projects and ideas to improve market conditions, develop new market opportunities and solve real and significant challenges in agriculture.”

-Jeff Witte, Secretary of Agriculture, State of New Mexico