Think it's sexy to build a startup? Yes, it is! Building something of tremendous value from scratch is a wonderful pursuit. But, if you do it... prepare for the bumpiest ride you may ever take.

Relax. This is what we do and how we do it. 


We serve and support the innovator/entrepreneur. We focus on the challenges of innovation and market entry. We work with the innovator to mature the technology and develop a product. We develop a grounded business strategy, conduct intensive market analysis and provide access to the right financing for that particular startup. We often work at the very earliest stage with startup ventures—not just pre-revenue, but pre-incorporation. We also help existing companies restart, reshape, re-enter a more promising market opportunity.

HD3 provides access to experienced hands-on advisors and mentoring (those who have traveled this journey before) to guide new entrepreneurial teams toward the effective business model that will find success in the marketplace. HD3 brings decades of business experience across multiple business segments, extensive global contacts and deep resources to achieve the growth of young companies.

Discovery day

Through our unique Discovery Day event, you have the opportunity to present your innovation to a panel of experienced entrepreneurs, managements experts and business achievers, statewide and global investors, and investors currently involved in the growth and development of our existing portfolio.  


“I encourage other Post Docs in New Mexico to consider becoming an entrepreneur. Starting a startup – never having done that before – is a risky proposition. But it’s also one of the most challenging and gratifying experiences of my life. HD3 has helped reduce much of the uncertainty involved in going forward and building my company.”

-Dr. Hunter McDaniel, Founder, QDBid

“Being a strategic advisor to Innate Immunity is such a rewarding experience. I can facilitate industry connections that can solve real problems in the wine industry.”

-Edgar "Pete" Downs, Advisor, Innate Immunity LLC

(Former Sr. Vice President, Kendall Jackson Wines)

"We never would have been able to start our business, raise the capital needed, and contemplate the various growth paths without HD3 advisors involved from the very beginning. We are scientists not business experts. But together, we are a complete team growing NTxBio from a dynamic startup to a promising growth company in New Mexico."

-Alex Koglin, Founder, NTxBio LLC.